Thinking Lawn Maintenance Arkansas? Consider These Top Choices To Keep Your Lawn In Shape

Attending to the beauty needs of your lawn requires the services of professional lawn maintenance Arkansas. To keep your lawn neat and tidy, consider the equipment listed below to keep your lawn healthy!

  1. Lawn Mower

A lawn mower is crucial to lawn maintenance Arkansas, and every lawn owner should have one. Mower options fall into two broad categories, manual or self-propelled mower.

Manual mowers are obsolete and require lots of energy to drive unlike mowers powered by electric or gas.

Self-propelled mowers also come in different kinds; riding lawn mowers are the top choice, although some brands come with a platform for operators to stand upon. When considering a lawn mower, the primary focus should be on lawn size and the amount of time required to get the job done.

  1. Irrigation Equipment (in-ground, hoses and sprinklers)

Water is important to the maintenance of a yard. It is important to make provision for water to keep the plants healthy and nourished. When planning the irrigation system, it is vital to keep track of the size of the yard and the time to water the entire area. An in-ground watering system or sprinklers can be adopted to have the lawn watered. It is cheaper to connect lawn sprinklers to an outdoor faucet. The drawback of lawn sprinklers is that they require being moved prior to mowing.

  1. Trimmer/Blower

Portable trimmers and blowers are crucial to lawn maintenance Arkansas. Trimmers are excellent for tending to shrubs and hedges. Once trimming has been completed, a blower can be used to collect trimmings for disposal.

  1. Edger

One important maintenance tool to consider if you have sidewalks is an edger. This tool comes in different models, as some are powered by gas, while others can be powered by electric. An operator can choose the angle to cut so grasses can be trimmed to fit well to the lawn. An edger will keep weeds under control, giving your yard a crisp, well-trimmed outlook!

  1. Tiller

A tiller is important when establishing a new lawn or preparing a new planting project. A tiller is used to break soil particles so air and water can access the soil. This promotes healthy growth as roots can easily get nutrients needed for plant growth. A tiller also breaks up weeds seeds and other unwanted plants, exposing their roots to sunlight. It is noteworthy to mention that gas-powered tillers are the most effective to consider when preparing large areas of soil for new planting

  1. Rakes/Shovels

With rakes, debris can be easily collected for disposal. Trimmings, clippings, and cuttings can be quickly collected and thrashed with the help of a rake. Shovels are also important in lawn maintenance; it can be used when transplanting or preparing the soil, they are also crucial when digging drainage or moving materials. For great flexibility when it comes to lawn maintenance Arkansas, you can benefit greatly using a shovel.

With the equipment listed above, a lawn can be kept in good shape. Find your way to the nearest hardware store and get a hand on any or all of these tools.

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